A trash the dress session has been something I have wanted to do for a long time preferably in an ocean, however we wont find one around lethbridge.
Of course there are a few things that make it complicated, finding a bride willing to wreak a dress they paid a lot for , tied with memories , and if there is water involved keeping in mind safety for the bride. Wedding dresses are all on their own, adding water can be a bad idea.

When I approached Tabatha with the suggestion, she was all in. It helps she is Swimming instructor as a career and loves the water.

To keep things safe we went to park lake where the water wasn’t to high.
During her photo session we had quite the crowd, Her fully submerged in water in a wedding dress,  and me with an expensive camera in one hand and a light stand and soft box in the other. At one point I was up to my waste. Im pretty happy to do almost anything to get the shot.


Tabatha’s dress was a little challenging as a 2 piece, the second layer had it own plans so we had to work with it. 

Of course one she was already soaked from head to toe why not do a canon ball off the dock?

If your looking to try something different after your wedding feel free to message me about a trash the dress session, it can be in any form you want. I’m open to ideas. 

Melanie Cervo

I take the time to get to know who Im photographing so that each experience and environment I use is based on the personality of those Im capturing an image for. whether this takes us to the top of a mountain or in the studio is up to you!

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