About us

My name is Melanie Cervo and I am the owner of Photo Expressions Photography. I have 4 children 12,10,9 and 6. My husband is amazing and is the reason I have the time to pursue my passion.
My love for photography began at the age of five when I received a 110mm camera as a Christmas gift. I snapped pictures of everything that I could, Im almost certain I drove my mother crazy, the prints were always picture after picture of stuffies and our pets.
After high school I pursued a diplomia in Journalism, I spent 4 years working as a Journalist/Photojournalist. My first Job was with the Pincher Creek Echo as the sports reporter and editor. This career took me down the path of learning people and loving to capture them, rather then words or stories I prefer a picture, it really can place a person back to that moment.
I started my family and my professional photography journey as Photo Expressions in 2010. Three kids later I took a brief hiatus to focus on my family. Once the fourth child started school I jumped right back in to photography!
I spend as much time as I can taking courses and educating myself further.
Both me and my husband who is my second shooter for our weddings, have spent countless hours in conventions focusing on lighting, posing and the art of photography.
I am also a 2 year Accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada. This is achieved when 10 images in one category are considered well above standard, there are 3 judges who view the selected images and decide one image a time if they are a cut above. It took me several tries and slowly I earned my first Accreditation.  I have learned it is quiet the process but is defining helping me take my photography to the next step. Last year I won my first major award with the PPOC , The best in class observer award for The Alberta Provincial Image competition.
I strive everyday to grow as a photographer, I’m open minded and always up for any challenge or idea a client may have. I absolutely love every moment of what I do. As a career, a hobby, and passion and I am forever trying to prefect my skills.
I believe that great creativity often is the result of exploration,being open minded and always willing to take the opportunity to learn. I value working closely with my clients and getting to know the people I am photographing.


Chad is My wonderful husband who has allowed me to persue all of my photography dreams. Along the way he has taken interest in photography. We both enjoy mountains and travel, he found a love for photography during this time and later he found how much he enjoyed photographing people. We have since shot most weddings together and he has become a great candid photographer. He is also the adventurous one out of both of us. I get an idea that seems a little crazy and he makes it happen.
I find more often then not when I look behind me he has the camera, lights, extras bag the Brides bouquet and someones water or jacket. Without him things don’t run as smooth.

Behind the Scenes